Seeking Hemp Farmers for 2020

Seeking Irish Farmers in the West to grow Hemp in 2020

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Hemp Licence Application Ireland 2020

What you need to know before you apply for your Hemp licence

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Hemp Farmer Information MeetingsBegins November 20, 2019

Beginning later this month, the first series of hemp meetings will begin in Monaghan, Galway and Tipperary.

Meeting 1: Clones, Co. Monaghan
Meeting 2: Galway, Co. Galway
Meeting 3: Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

These Industrial Hemp Meetings are brought to you by HFI - (Hemp Federation of Ireland)... the policy research and advocacy body for the Irish hemp industry.

All Hemp meetings will be around 90 mins in duration with an extra 30 mins for your questions.

Spaces are limited, so please send an email to confirm your attendance at each location. These meetings are FREE and will hold about 60 people (to keep it comfortable).

Topics will include Hemp Licence and best practise Hemp Farming. Visit our events page for full meeting details Hemp Ireland Events

Hemp Ireland Meetings 2019

Hemp Services What We Do

Our goal at HEMP Ireland is to educate Irish farmers into making a switch in their crop rotation. Reveal the benefits of growing Hemp and of course job creation.

HEMP = Food, Clothing and Shelter. Contains over a thousand bio nutrients to keep your body healthy. 4 times the anti-oxidents levels of any fruit or vegtable on the planet.

What They Do

HPRA are the appointed licensing arm for growing Hemp in Ireland.
All your questions regarding Hemp Licencing are to be directed to them. NOT Hemp Ireland

Click here to visit HPRA
(Health Products Regulatory Authority).

Teagasc are the appointed farming arm for growing Hemp in Ireland.
All your questions regarding Hemp Farming are to be directed to them. NOT Hemp Ireland

Click here to visit Teagasc
(Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority).

The Licence

Hemp Licence applications have risen tenfold in Ireland in the past three years. Also the Irish Government are finally seeing the huge potential in Hemp fibre.

Hemp Ireland is just an information site at the moment and we are currently back in action after a long absence. We are beginning again and hope to bring you up to date on all things Hemp in Ireland. We aim to educate and have some fun doing it.

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Hemp Ireland - The Licence

Growing Hemp

With your Hemp licence only good from April til October, you need to have "all your ducks in a row". What do you do to prepare your land for planting Hemp seed?

This, and many more Hemp Farming questions will be answered in our next phase of this site... COMING SOON!!

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Hemp Ireland - Farming

Latest Hemp News

Last year (2018), Medical Cannabis was all over the news in Ireland. This year, Hemp Farming is the trend as licence applications have gone up tenfold since 2017.

Hemp Ireland is keeping an close eye on things and relaying all the news here.

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Hemp Ireland news

Hemp Events

With a lot of Hemp licenses being applied for in 2019, there are also a lot of questions. Hemp is a new crop to today's farmers someone needs to lead the way.

Hemp Ireland plans to host some small events in the West of Ireland and answer those questions.

From what seeds to use to Hemp licence applications.

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Hemp Ireland events

Radio Podcasts

Radio podcasts are worth their weight in gold. Hemp Industry leaders talking about how to get the job done. Pitfalls to avoid and the best place to seek help.

Just another part of the Hemp Ireland plan for 2020.

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Hemp Ireland podcast

Helpful links

To aid in the Hemp licence application process, we have provided external links which you will find very helpful.

Everything from Acreage calculators, EirCode location finders, ITM finders (GPS Coordinates Locators) to Labs who test for THC content in the hemp seed you use and Food Safety Authority.

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Hemp Ireland links

HEMP in Ireland 2019. Where we are?

Click on the video below to see the possibilities for 2020