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Seeking Hemp Farmers for 2020

Seeking Irish Farmers in the west to grow Hemp beginning April 2020

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Hemp is NOT WEED!!

That's right... you read correctly. Hemp is NOT weed!!

Nobody is getting all "ramped up" from growing hemp, eating hemp products, drinking hemp juice, applying hemp products to their skin or putting oil drops made from hemp under their tongue.

Why is that?... because the seed you are approved to sow, contains minimal amounts of THC (less than 0.2%)

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    Industrial Hemp Education Series 2020

    THC is what gets you all "ramped up". Industrial Hemp contains minimal amounts of this, therefore you only get what is natural from the approved seed you sow.
    The licence you apply for specifically states that you use a certain strain of hemp seed, to grow legally approved hemp.

    Example: If you are growing hemp for CBD oil, you may choose Finola hemp seeds

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HEMP Ireland Faq's Hemp Facts

This is what we know about Industrial Hemp
(and will be updated regulary).

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HEMP detoxifies the soil

HEMP detoxifies the soil as it grows, removing harmful chemicals and pollutants. After harvest, leaves and stalks that are left behind break down and enrich the soil with valuable nutrients like nitrogen and oxygen.
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Historical Fact?

Hemp was certainly used in this "wonder car" but not 100% as reported. Hemp was mixed with other products to make a type of bio plastic. Probably more so in the seating and panels.
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Canada leading the way

60,000 acres of hemp was grown in Canada back in 2013. Between 125,000-175,000 acres grown in 2019 and 614 hemp licences were approved in 2019. The numbers don't lie!!
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Hemp Cars?

The interior of the Lotus Eco Elise car is made with renewable materials like hemp in some body panels and interior trim. The seats are also made from hemp.
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CBD Oil has been known to prevent seizures, chronic pain, anxiety and nausea.
Make sure you get the right one!! Just like 100 years ago... a lot of "snake oil" out there!!
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Historical Fact

Cannabis was America's #1 analgesic (painkiller) for 60 years before the redicovery of aspirin around 1900. From 1842 to 1900, cannabis made up half of all medicine sold, with virtually no fear of its "high".