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Helpful links to aid you in your Hemp Licence application process

Links to Assist You become a Hemp Farmer in Ireland Disclaimer

HEMP Ireland has chosen the selected external links, to further assist you in your quest for a Hemp Growers licence in Ireland. However, HEMP Ireland is not responsible for the content or accuracy of external websites. This is because: HEMP Ireland does not produce them nor maintain/update them.

For a step by step breakdown of the Irish Hemp licence process
updated September 2019... click here

Company/Agency How it Assists You Web
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CRO (Companies Registration Office)

Register your Hemp company in Ireland

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HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority)

Apply for your Hemp Growers licence in Ireland

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Find your EirCode for your home or Hemp company in Ireland

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Garda Siochána (Irish Police)

You will be vetted for any criminal convictions in Ireland

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CalcMaps - Land Acreage Finder

Find the acreage size of your proposed Hemp growing area in Ireland

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Irish Grid Map Coordinates Finder

Find your ITM or UTM location coordinates for your proposed Hemp growing field/s in Ireland

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OSI - Ordnance Survey Ireland

Find your Land Registry Compliant Map

NOTE: This service requires a fee

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Herd or Field Number

Find the Herd or Field number for your proposed Hemp growing field in Ireland

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EPA & Teagasc - National Soil Map

Find a soil database for every county in Ireland

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EPA & Teagasc - Soil Texture

Check your Soil Texture. Not very scientific but you will get an idea regarding your field/s

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Finola Hemp Seeds

Find out more info on this highly recommended Hemp seed. Finola is the seed type most commonly applied for in Ireland by growers

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FSAI - Food Safety Authority of Ireland

Find out about the legal status of CBD and Hemp Oils in Ireland

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HFI - Hemp Federation Ireland

Hemp Federation Ireland is the new policy research and advisory body for the Irish hemp industry

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IIHA - The European Industrial Hemp Association

To represent the Hemp industry to EU institutions and national ministries.

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EirLab - Hemp Seed Testing

Have your Hemp seed tested regarding THC Detection for Legal Compliance (in accordance with your Hemp Growers licence)

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Teagasc (Agriculture and Food Development Authority)

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EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

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CR (Cleveroad) - Top 10 Agricultural Apps

Digial apps to make the farming process more progressive and efficient. In addition, these innovations help farmers reduce costs, increase crop capacity and profits.

Good Luck!

Remember to apply for your Hemp licence to HRPA before spring (no later than April 14).

We at HEMP Ireland hope these external links assist you in a successful Hemp licence application. We wish you well on your Hemp growing future and remember to Help us to Help you and others!! Thank You and Good Luck!